Explore Hidden Waterfall In Central Việt Nam

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The waterfall’s summit offers a gorgeous spectacle with its rocky brown crest protruding through soft, white cascades. File Photo

HCM CITY Tà Puồng Waterfall is one of Việt Nam Central’s most impressive natural sights, with an unspoilt beauty.

It is located in Tà Puồng Village, Hướng Hóa District,  120km from Đông Hà Town of Quảng Trị Province.

The waterfall is 30-35m hight, with large water flow, maintained throughout the year. Tà Puồng waterfall majestically pours water all year, like  white silk.

A 20-minute walk further downstream leads you to another waterfall. Though lower at 10 meters, the second waterfall is wider than the first.

From afar, as locals describe, its cascading waters resemble the luscious hair of local girls. VNS